Tactics Board

You can now add a Tactics Board to your Presentations! Animate player movements, set upTeam Presets and add annotations. You can also interact with the Tactics Board whilst presenting.


Users have the option to transcode their session media to the recommended video properties to ensure a seamless playback performance.

Other Improvements

• Improved video decode performance for playback and exports, especially with H265source media
• Updated application font to Roboto
• Added US English language option
• Changed product update backend to get updates via the API, resulting in fewer third-party SDK crashes
• Added warning for users when attempting to save a presentation package to a full drive

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Sometimes tags imported into server sessions would not be editable
Fixed: Hub sessions that were previously downloaded but were subsequently removed, remained visible when offline
Fixed: In some unexpected cases, Hub sessions could be updated whilst offline resulting in an inconsistent behaviour
Fixed: Focus would hang when trying to access streamed video whilst not connected to the Hub
Fixed: Setting preferred channel for a tag wouldn’t work in Hub sessions
Fixed: Renaming a Hub session would only be reflected after restarting Focus
Fixed: Some transcoded video (with audio) exports would cause playback issues
Fixed: Certain clips from older presentations were not loading or exporting correctly
Fixed: Running manual tracking on a polygon/player-link would cause auto tracking onthat annotation to fail
Fixed: Clicking and dragging clips in a presentation would cause an error
Fixed: Could set a move/erase start or end time outside of freeze frame using the hotkeys
Fixed: Creating an annotation while a freeze frame was selected would not deselect the freeze frame
Fixed: Sometimes, annotations could not be interacted with after scrubbing on the mousepad
Fixed: Rare crash on loading presentation packages
Fixed: Some annotations would not appear selected in the viewport and have limited interactability