Tactics Board

You can now add a Tactics Board to your Presentations! Animate player movements, set up Team Presets and add annotations. You can also interact with the Tactics Board whilst presenting.

Other Improvements

• Column layouts in Hub table views can now be saved in a preset. Columns can be hidden and moved
• Added ability for users to remove label suggestions from label editor
• Updated Hub visual identity to Catapult
• Updated application font to Roboto
• Improved video decode performance for playback and exports, especially with H265source media

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Certain clips from older presentations were not loading or exporting correctly
Fixed: Running manual tracking on a polygon/player-link would cause auto tracking on that annotation to fail
Fixed: Clicking and dragging clips in a presentation would cause an error
Fixed: Could set a move/erase start or end time outside of freeze frame using the hotkeys
Fixed: Creating an annotation while a freeze frame was selected would not deselect the freeze frame
Fixed: Sometimes, annotations could not be interacted with after scrubbing on the mousepad
Fixed: In some cases a presentation/collection wouldn’t be deleted from the HomePage
Fixed: Rare crash on loading presentation packages
Fixed: Opening a tag from Hub client wouldn’t work
Fixed: Audio only files will play from a local path instead of having to be uploaded
Fixed: Seeking via the timeline slider now works with audio tags
Fixed: Metadata values are now sorted alphanumerically in the filter list
Fixed: Paging in list/table view after filtering will now load more items if possible
Fixed: Some annotations would not appear selected in the viewport and have limited interactability
Fixed: Updated notification messages when sharing presentations and collections
Fixed: Hub could hang when large amount of tags are imported in Focus
Fixed: Labels on home page weren’t visible after sharing a playlist
Fixed: Users could not select a folder and change the path for logs and data