Deceleration Characteristics of Elite Australian Male Field Hockey Players During an Olympic Tournament

Chesher S.M., Netto K.J., Appleby B.B., Jacques A., Wild C.Y.

The study aimed to characterize deceleration efforts of the Australian men’s field hockey team during the 2016 Olympics by categorizing them into intensity bands and comparing them across player positions, game periods, and opponents. Using global positioning system sensors, 8998 individual deceleration efforts were recorded, with the most intense effort measured at -13.6 ms^-2. Deceleration intensity bands were defined based on Receiver Operator Characteristic curves, ranging from low to very high intensity. While no significant differences were found between field positions, decelerations in the first game period were more intense compared to the second. Additionally, deceleration efforts were more frequent in the first game period. These findings highlight the prevalence of decelerations in elite field hockey and underscore their importance in understanding the physical demands of the sport. They can serve as a valuable tool for monitoring training and match play loads in field hockey.

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