Physical Demands of Different Positions in FA Premier League Soccer

Bloomfield, J., Polman, R., O'Donoghue, P.

This study aimed to assess the physical demands of English Football Association (FA) Premier League soccer across different positional classifications (defender, midfielder, and striker). Using computerized time-motion video analysis with the Bloomfield Movement Classification, researchers examined purposeful movements (PM) performed by 55 players.

The results indicated that players spent approximately 40.6 ± 10.0% of the match engaging in purposeful movement. Position significantly influenced the percentage of time spent sprinting, running, shuffling, skipping, and standing still, but it did not significantly affect the intensity of movement. Additionally, players predominantly moved forward during PM, with a smaller percentage of time spent in other directions such as backward, lateral, diagonal, and arced movements.

The study also found that players executed a considerable number of turns during the match, with the majority being turns of 0° to 90° to the left or right. Furthermore, players were involved in various on-the-ball movement activities, averaging 111 ± 77 activities per match, with no significant differences observed between positions.

Overall, this study provides insights into the distinct physical demands associated with different playing positions in FA Premier League match-play, highlighting the diversity of movements performed by players during a typical match.

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