Validation of Prozone®: A New Video-Based Performance Analysis System

Di Salvo, V., Collins, A., McNeill, B., Cardinale, M.

Prozone® is a new computerized video system designed to track individuals performing sports activities, including football. This study aimed to validate the Prozone® measurement system for measuring displacement velocities on a football pitch. Six recreationally active male subjects participated in the study, performing various runs at different speeds and directions on the pitch. These runs were tracked using the Prozone® system, and the timing gate data were compared to validate the accuracy of Prozone® measurements.

The results showed excellent correlation between the average velocity recorded by Prozone® and the timing gate data during paced runs of 60m and 50m (r = 0.999), with minimal error (Total error 0.05, Limits of agreement 0.12). Similarly, high correlations were observed during maximal 15m sprints (r = 0.970) and 20m sprints with turns (r = 0.960), indicating the validity of Prozone® for motion analysis on the football pitch.

In conclusion, this study demonstrates that Prozone® is a reliable system for analyzing movement patterns of footballers during training and matches, providing valuable insights into player performance on the field.

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