Soccer: How long does it take players to recover post-match?

Join Catapult’s Connor Howley as he talks through how long it takes soccer players to recover after matches.


Hi, my name is Connor Howley and I’m a

product support technician here at Catapult who is going

to take you through a query surrounding football recovery.

So we’ve got a question here from one

of our users, which is; How long does

it take players to recover post match?

So Silva et al in 2018 conducted a systematic

review looking at the effect size of performance

markers at different intervals, which were during an

dematches, and they compared these against baseline measures.

They found a large effect size looking

at creatine kinase and delayed onset muscle

soreness 24 hours post-match.

They also found moderate effect sizes when looking

at hamstring strength and counter movement jump height

48 hours post-match, there was still a moderate

effect on hamstring strength, creatine kinase and delayed

onset muscle soreness, and also small effect sizes

were seen in quadricep strength, linear sprint performance

and countermovement jump performance.

72 hours postmatch, there was still a

moderate effect size in hamstring strength and

countermovement jump performance, while the remaining

performance markers showed as small or trivial.

As Silva et al. states

while some parameters are fully recovered,

a 72 hours period is still not

long enough for complete homeostasis.

Generally in sports like association football, it is unlikely

that players will ever receive this long to recover

before preparation for the next game starts.

As such, coaches must adjust structure and content

of sessions in a 72 hours window to

respect recovery while ramping towards conditioning sessions.

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