Vector Core Plus: How do I create a high speed distance metrics above a percentage % of an individual’s maximum velocity?

Join Catapult’s Jozef Baker as he talks through how users can create high speed distance metrics above a percentage of an individual’s maximum velocity.


Okay, we’ve got a question here from one of our Vector

Core Plus users asking how do I create a high speed

yardage metric above 80% of an individual player’s max?

In order to answer the question, what I’m going

to do is we’re going to jump into the

OpenField Cloud Software and walk you through the process.

The first thing you’re going to want to

do is go up to the Settings menu.

Within settings, go into the Athletes tab.

And if you aren’t already in this Grid View,

just toggle between Grid View and List View. Okay.

The reason being here is you can edit

multiple players at once in the Grid View.

So what I’m going to do here is

just enter in the Max Velocity on the

right hand side in your units of measurement.

The next thing I’m going to do is just head over

to the Bands section and then I’ve either got the option

to go into Velocity Bands or Velocity (Set 2).

You should have the option of both.

If not, do let us know.

We can add that into your account.

What you’re then going to do is change

the units of measurement and then you’re going

to toggle the Use Percentage button on.

Once you’ve done that, these bands at the top

here, you can, you can change, you can edit.

And as we can see here, I’ve already got my

Band 5 low threshold set to 80% because we’re using

the Use Percentage mode of the player’s maximum.

And that maximum will be taken from the

maximum you set in the Athlete Profile.

Okay, so if we head over to Parameters now

and just scroll to the bottom because I’ve used

Velocity (Set 2), I’m going to show you how

that looks in Velocity (Set 2).

Now if you are looking at Minimum Effort Distance or

Total Efforts, you’ll be able to see here that the

Velocity Band will have a ‘+’ after it.

So either Velocity Band 5+ and that will

count kind of all efforts above that band.

So in the example we’ve been working on here, we’ve

used Band 5, but we also had Band 6.

That Band 5+ would be inclusive of the

Band 6. If you’re using something like Distance,

So if we scroll down there we go

Velocity Band 5 Total Distance (Set 2).

We would also probably want to include any distance that

we accumulate in Velocity Band 6 (Set 2) as well.

So to do that, we can go into List

Custom Parameters and I can Add Custom Parameter.

So what I’m going to do is just call

that custom parameter >80% of Individual Maximum Speed

in the calculation if you just start typing.

Even if you type the first letter of each of

the words, you should get some predicted metrics and just

select the appropriate so Velocity Band 5 Total Distance (Set

2) plus Velocity Band 6 Total Distance (Set 2).

Once I’ve selected both of those, I can Add

Parameter and that will be available for you to

make use of in an OpenField widget.

I hope that answers your question.

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