Vector Core: How can I see High Speed Distance live on my iPad?

Join Catapult’s Jozef Baker as he talks through how users can configure and see High Speed Distance live on iPad.

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Okay, so we’ve got a question here from one

of our Vector Core users asking how can I

see High Speed Distance Live on my iPad?

Well, a couple of things that we need to check first.

So the first thing is to check

that you’re using the correct application.

This should be the Catapult Vector app.

I will provide a link to that

beneath this video for your reference.

But it is the app in the App Store that

has the word ‘Vector’ in the app icon itself.

The next thing you’re going to do is, in your

cloud software, I want you to navigate up to the

Settings menu and then into the Bands menu.

And then from the drop down select Velocity.

High speed Distance will be taken from

distance accumulated in Bands 5 and 6.

So in this example here, this would be any

distance accumulated above 5.5 meters/second once you’ve checked that

and you’re happy and you’ve applied any thresholds that

you’ve changed to the rest of your athletes.

If you actually navigate into the application itself

beforehand, be sure to kind of sync any changes down.

Start a New Session and create a

period as you would do normally.

Add any athletes into that period.

Then what you’re going to do to see High Speed Distance

is you’re just going to scroll across the top here.

So where it says Total Distance, just place one finger

on the iPad screen itself and just drag right to

left and you should see High Speed Distance appear.

What you can also do as well, if you

click on the Target View in the top right,

you can set a target for High Speed Distance.

Either drag or toggle the slider or

enter it on the right hand side.

Once you’ve set a target, just toggle the Target Mode

on to see it as a percentage of your target.

Hopefully that answers your question.

Please do continue to check in and

engage with us on the Unleash platform.

We’ll see you on the next one.