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Tom Joel: The Need For Speed

Tom Joel, Talks through the importance of peak speed exposures. Examining the purpose, applications and challenges of peak speed exposures, Tom provided a fascinating insight ... Read more

Steve Barrett: Injury Risk Reduction Strategies in Elite Football

At a recent Catapult workshop at St George’s Park, Dr. Steve Barrett, First Team Lead Sport Scientist at Hull City Tigers, gave a presentation on ... Read more

An Intro to catapult one

In-depth view of full team performance through a web-based dashboard complete with reporting tools. Compare players within the same position, choose the best team to ... Read more

The Season Tab

In the Season Tab, you will be able to view metrics for specific players over specific time periods.To view data choose from the drop-down options. ... Read more

The Session Tab

Welcome to the Session Tab where you can view the data collected from a specific training session or game. This tab is commonly used to ... Read more

The Player Tab

Welcome to the Player Tab where you can view data for a specific player in one specific sessionFrom this page, you will be able to ... Read more

The Settings Tab

A breakdown of the Catapult One settings screen.

An In-depth look at Vector Core

Catapult’s Rob Heyworth & Andrew Lombard discuss Vector Core. Vector Core offers an easy to use system with powerful insights to help athlete’s perform better, ... Read more

Chris Neville: Design, Delivery and Monitoring of Return to Training Programmes

Chris talks through the design of return to training (RTT) programmes  Some of the key topics in Chris’ presentation included: 

5-in-5: Load Management

Most performance staff in sporting environments have some responsibility to manage components of athlete load prescription. This process is most effective when conducted using a ... Read more

5-in-5: Which metrics? Part 2

This episode explores how data from wearable technology can be used ‘forensically’ to explore key messages from athlete performances. The importance of clear and simple ... Read more

5-in-5: Which metrics? Part 1

Wearable technologies have evolved such that they create a huge number of metrics to describe athlete performance. This can be somewhat confusing for practitioners and ... Read more