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Join Product Support Technician Sophie Goves as we walk step-by-step through account set up, hardware, software, system management tips and reporting for your Vector Pro and Vector Core Plus products.

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data & insights Series

Dan Kant-Hull | Men’s Basketball Reference Values

Join Catapult Sports Scientist, Dan Kant-Hull as he talks through reference values for Men’s Basketball … Read more

Harry Gill | Men’s AFL Reference Values

Join Customer Success Specialist, Harry Gill as he talks through reference values for Men’s Australian … Read more

Tips for good data hygiene

Join Customer Success Specialist, Hannah Pitt as she talks through some tips to ensure good … Read more

Generating Athlete Buy-In

The first challenge with athlete monitoring can simply be getting athletes to wear the technology … Read more

5-in-5: Load Management

Most performance staff in sporting environments have some responsibility to manage components of athlete load … Read more

5-in-5: Which metrics? Part 2

This episode explores how data from wearable technology can be used ‘forensically’ to explore key … Read more

deep dive

Rodrigo Aquino: Research and practical application in Brazilian football

Neste vídeo Bruno Pasquarelli, da Catapulta, fala com Rodrigo Aquino, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, … Read more

Shaun McLaren: Catapult Research Reviews

Shaun McLaren, First Team Strength & Conditioning Coach at Newcastle Falcons and Research Fellow at … Read more

Navigating Football’s New added Time Rule

Hosted by Catapult’s Andrew Johnson, listen to Dave Carolan and Tony Strudwick discuss how the … Read more

Niklas Virtanen: Gamespeed

Niklas Virtanen, Head of Player Development at HJK Helsinki talks through how they are incorporating … Read more

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