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Here you’ll find product onboarding videos, content to help guide you through best practice and practical uses of your data and the opportunity to interact with the Catapult team.

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Steve Nightingale: Catapult Ice Hockey Webinar Series

Steve Nightingale, Lecturer, previously S&C Coach HC Kunlun Red Stars joins Catapult Sports Scientist Vladislav Andreev to talk through a year long case study using ... Read more

Tony Strudwick: Creating Winning Moments

Tony Strudwick, Head of Performance at Manchester United, speaks about creating a high performance culture to deliver success. Entitled ‘Creating Winning Moments’, Tony looks at ... Read more

Tom Joel: The Need For Speed

Tom Joel, Talks through the importance of peak speed exposures. Examining the purpose, applications and challenges of peak speed exposures, Tom provided a fascinating insight ... Read more

Steve Barrett: Injury Risk Reduction Strategies in Elite Football

At a recent Catapult workshop at St George’s Park, Dr. Steve Barrett, First Team Lead Sport Scientist at Hull City Tigers, gave a presentation on ... Read more

Tom Page: Feedback Strategies in Elite Football

Hear from Tom Page, Sports Scientist at West Bromwich Albion FC and PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, about the research he is conducting ... Read more

Registration & Set-up

The first step in getting started with Vector Core. In this video we take you through the process of registering and activating your Vector Core ... Read more

Setting Up Your Dock

This video will get you up to speed on how to configure your Vector Core Dock using the Vector Application

Introducing the x7

In this video we take a closer look at your Vector Core hardware, find out more about the X7 device, its use and associated light ... Read more

Live Application

Once setup is complete this video will guide you through using the Live Application to monitor your athletes and track their performance.

A Guide to the editor

In this video we explore how to edit activities recorded with and without the Vector application.


We take a closer look at the reporting tools available to you with Vector Core.

An In-depth look at Vector Core

Catapult’s Rob Heyworth & Andrew Lombard discuss Vector Core. Vector Core offers an easy to use system with powerful insights to help athlete’s perform better, ... Read more