MatchTracker 7.5 Officially supports macos sonoma

Tactics Board

Saving a tactics board preset will save the formation of the player counters as they are at the start of the tactics slide.


Added support for:
• More Impect Qualifiers
• Filtering Impect Qualifiers as Columns
• Charting by Impect Qualifiers
Fixed: When using tracking data with Impect eventing data players could be missingfrom the pitch view after substitutions and formation changes

Download Manager Improvements

• Added support for downloading STS data for MLS in the Download Manager
• Added a Ready State to the download manager

Other Features

Added sorting functionality to Collections
Updated app font to Roboto

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Pitch animations could export incorrectly leaving all players stuck on the centre spot
Fixed: The direction of play could be incorrect on the pitch view when using Physical Data
Fixed: MatchTracker could crash when opening a match after exporting a full match video from a package
Fixed: MatchTracker could crash when exporting full match video twice
Fixed: Improved video decode (for playback and exports) performance, especially withH265 source media

Presentation Bug Fixes

Fixed: On rare occasions, annotations could not be interacted with after scrubbing using the mousepad
Fixed: Certain clips from older Presentations would not load or export correctly
Fixed: Rare crash on loading Presentation packages
Fixed: Running manual tracking on a polygon or player-link would cause auto tracking on that annotation to subsequently fail
Fixed: Projected annotations would not appear selected and have limited interactability